Gerardo Salvato

Research Areas
Laboratories Cognitive and Forensic Neuropsychology lab, University of Pavia
Neuroscience and Society lab, University of Pavia
Research fields

My main research topic is Attention.

Attention could be disrupted following right-brain damages, and patients may show Unilateral Spatial Neglect (USN). I am interested in investigating representational and perceptual USN with its associated symptoms, such as somatoparaphrenia and anosognosia for hemiplegia.

Attention may also be guided by rich memory representations of previous experience, which can exert robust influence on perception in a prospective and proactive manner. The memory-based orienting of attention represents one of my research interests. I am currently investigating this mechanism in healthy individuals and its breakdown in brain damaged patients.

I am often involved in the interplay between Neuroscience and Law, and its application in legal trials.

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