Massimo Ernesto Masserini

University Scienze della Salute - UNIMIB
Research fields Development of new strategies for enhanced brain targeting of NP. Possible innovation: synthesis of new ligands for improved therapy and diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases or brain tumors, using NP. Such studies will make use of models (already present in our laboratories) in vitro (Transwell cellular systems mimicking the blood-brain-barrier), or in vivo (rodent models).
Pharmacokinetics of NPs in vivo on animal models, using isotopically radiolabeled NP. Pharmacokinetics of NP in vivo on animal models, using Optical imaging technique and fluorescently labeled NP.
Analysis of NP protein "corona".
Assessment of the metabolic fate of NPs, either in vitro or in vivo (cell cultures, rodent animal models) carried out using radiolabeled NP.

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