“Recent epidemiologic studies indicate that Multiple Sclerosis (MS) affects 113 persons every 100.000 Italians, leading to a total of approximately 68.000 patients and 1800 new cases per year in Italy. Advance in diagnosis and therapy has been impressive during the last decade and the possibility to “tailor” the treatment on the individual features of each patient is becoming real. In fact, personalised treatment would be highly desirable in MS because it is an immensely heterogeneous disease both in terms of clinical course and treatment responses. Currently, a combination of clinical features and imaging parameters in magnetic resonance imaging is used to classify active and non-active patients, while no universely accepted, clear-cut indicators are available to identify treatment responders and non-responders and reliable biomarkers are needed to provide better indicators for prognosis and treatment response.This symposiun will highlight the frontline results in some of the “hot topics” in the modern management of MS, including better knowledge on still neglected aspects of its pathogenesis, the effectiveness of physical, non-pharmacological treatments and the possibility to exploit emerging techniques and big-data analysis to improve diagnosis and allow personalised management.”

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