On July 7th, 2015 at 04.00 PM, at the end of the 2nd meeting of the Scientific Council of the Milan Center for Neuroscience, the Invited Lecture will be hosted in the building U4, room 8. The speaker will be Dr. Emiliano Bruner, chief of the laboratory of Paleneurobiology at the National Center of Research on Human Evolution of Burgos, Spain, as well as adjunct professor of Paleoneurology at the Center for Cognitive Archaeology at the University of Colorado, US.

In this lecture, “Evolutional neuroanatomy and paleoneurology: perspectives on the evolution of the human genus”, Dr. Bruner will lead us in a world in which evolutional, neuropsychological, imaging and computer science expertises, strictly blends in, generating novel exciting hypotheses on the functioning of the human brain, not only in physiology, but also when affected by neurological disorders.

Formore information: E. Bruner’s webnews, Paleoneurology

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