We are collecting people and resources for starting a research group dedicated to the “history of neuroscience” at the NeuroMI.

This group will be initially coordinated by Prof. Vittorio Sironi, professor of history of medicine and director of the “Research Institute on the History of Biomedical Thought” (CESPEB) at the UNIMIB and by Prof. Vincenzo Silani, director of the Neurology Unit and of the Laboratory of Neuroscience at the University of Milano and director of the separate branch of the Center “Dino Ferrari” for the diagnosis and therapy of neuromuscolar and degenerative diseases at the Auxologic Institute of Milano. Secretaries of the group: Dr. Michele Riva and Dr. Lucio Tremolizzo, “San Gerardo” Hospital of Monza.

For participating or just for more information, mail to: vittorio.sironi@unimib.itCC: vincenzo@silani.com and paola.dirienzo@unimib.it.