Advanced (f)MRI statistical methods and their applications
Two days workshop on advanced statistical methods for (f)MRI data.

Milan, 9-10th April 2015
R. Frackowiak,  N. Logothetis, J. Chumbley, J. Mumford, R. Poldrack,
P. Fox,    J. Radua,   M. Berlingeri,    M. Cercignani,    C. Beckmann,
J. Daunizeau,    J. Haxby,   I. Castiglioni,   B. Draganski,   K.Friston.

Aims: To provide a broad and deep overview on modern techniques for the exploration of the mind/brain relationship in health and disease using fMRI.

Summary: functional neuroimaging has revulutionized the study of the mind/brain relationship in health and in disease. Initial massively univariate assessments of the regional functional anatomical effects are now complemented by powerful new statistical techniques that provide a richer description of functional anatomical patterns and of the connectivity of the brain regions involved. Meta-analytical methods for formal post-hoc assessments of large sets of published data complement direct experimentation.
In this two days workshop, leading experts on the field will provide accessible descriptions of the complex principles behind the new methods of inference in functional and structural imaging.
The program will appeal PhD students and experts from experimental psychology, cognitive neuroscience, neurology, psychiatry, computational sciences and statistcs.

Where: University of Milano-Bicocca, Aula Martini, Bldg. U6, piazza dell’Ateneo Nuovo 1. Milan.

Admission: Undergraduate Students and PhD Students: € 50 Other participants: € 100

Registration and info: here