The first papers with the formal affiliation to the Center are starting to be released. Today we present one by Wisniewski and collaborators.

Every day, we need to adapt to changing environmental conditions: Behaviors that are rewarding and easy will not stay so indefinitely, while others may become so. Also, how the environment changes may depend on our own actions.
The experiment by Wisniewski and collaborators explored how human brain copes with the challenges posed by such dynamic and interactive environments. They found that medial prefrontal cortex encodes both what people want to do next, and the driving factor underlying this choice (task difficulty in our case). In this way, MPFC links motivational and cognitive functions in the brain.

Wisniewski, D., Reverberi, C., Tusche, A., & Haynes, J.-D. (2014). The Neural Representation of Voluntary Task-Set Selection in Dynamic Environments. Cerebral Cortex.