Connectomics is one of the hottest inter-disciplinary topics today. It links computer science and Engineering with life sciences and medicine. Connection networks grow over functional (fMRI, ASL, EEG) and structural (diffusion weighted MRI) data and the integration of the two in both static and dynamic conditions would shad light on the way our brain actually works. Connectomics also holds paramount potential for clinical applications through the characterization of the network modulation in pathologies and the assessment of the effectiveness of the treatment.

The School on Brain Connectomics gathers the knowledge in the different fields that are touched by this topics providing the students a comprehensive view of this research area as well as awareness about the cutting-edge methodological, experimental and clinical aspects that are involved, besides giving them the opportunity of getting in touch with top-level scientists.

The School articulates in four days respectively focusing on diffusion MRI and microstructure (Session 1), functional neuroimaging (Session 2), connectivity models (Session 3) and practical aspects (Session 4), complemented by “Diving Into Science” (DIS) sessions.

The School will be held at the Dept. of Computer Science of the University of Verona.

The opening lecture will be held by Prof. Rachid Deriche, winner of the ERC Advanced grant with the project CoBCoM “Computational Brain Connectivity Mapping”.

Full program is available on the website at