‘Interactive Technologies for Cognitive Disability’

Prof. Franca Garzotto, I3Lab – Innovative Interactive Interfaces Laboratory, Department of Electronics, Information, and Bio-engineering – Politecnico di Milano

Several researches pinpoint that interactive technologies are attractive and engaging for persons with cognitive disability, and can be used in everyday life as well in educational or rehabilitation contexts, to help these people improve autonomy and enhance various skills. This talk discusses this issue and presents some interactive technologies for persons with cognitive disability developed at I3Lab – the Innovative Interactive Interfaces Laboratory @Politecnico di Milano. Our applications exploit Wearable Virtual Reality (i.e., VR experiences using head-mounted displays), Smart Spaces, and Conversational Agents; they have been co-designed with disability specialists, and evaluated in various educational or rehabilitation centers. The talk also discusses new directions for research and multidisciplinary collaboration in the arena of interactive technologies for persons with cognitive disability.


Lunedì 13 gennaio 2020, ore 14.30

Sala Lauree Psicologia, U6 (3° piano), UNIMIB

Per informazioni:

Prof.ssa Mariateresa Guasti (mariateresa.guasti@unimib.it)