The Multifaceted Neural Processing of Faces in Infancy

Stefania Conte, University of South Carolina, Infant Development Lab

Mon Oct 18th 2021, 2.30 PM

Cortical source analysis of electroencephalographic (EEG) signals has become an important tool in the analysis of brain activity. The aim of source analysis is to reconstruct the cortical generators (sources) of the EEG signal recorded on the scalp. The quality of the source reconstruction relies on several parameters that contribute to the definition of realistic head models for the froward and inverse solutions.

Developmental researchers face additional challenges in the implementation of source analysis pipelines, which were initially developed for adult studies. I will review the steps and adjustments necessary to reconstruct the cortical generators of EEG scalp recordings in pediatric populations. Examples of source analysis procedures applied to the examination of several cognitive processes will be provided. I will discuss in detail the results of a series of event-related potential studies aiming to investigate the development of different aspects of faces processing in infants ranging from 3 to 12 months of age.


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